Your sensitive skin

deserves better.





Today’s clinical leaders claim to be great for sensitivity, but over and over, we’ve seen them fall short. Why? Cheap formulas laden with clinically-identified skin irritants are obscured by bullsh*t marketing tactics, leading to more skin sensitivity and less trust in the industry over time. 

With 70%+ of us suffering from sensitive skin, we've decided that we (and our skin) deserve better. So we’ve banned over 1500 toxic ingredients, including 128 of the most commonly-used skin irritants, to create the first-ever allergen-free skincare* -- from a modern-day, MD-created brand that we can all feel a bit better showing off on our vanity.

It’s time to Untoxicate your skincare. 

*Free from 128 of the most common allergens responsible for 99%+ of reactions in people. 

MD Formulated & Clinically Tested

Hypoallergenic & Non-comedogenic

PH Balanced & Non-irritating

Vegan & Animal Test-Free

Meet Our Founders

Untoxicated was born in a medical office, from the realization that people need and deserve better solutions for their sensitive skin. 

As an Allergist at the Cleveland Clinic, I saw the epidemic of sensitive skin firsthand. From mild to severe sensitivity, it was heartbreaking and frustrating to see patients struggling to find a product that wouldn’t aggravate their skin.

Often, the very products that promised to help only made the situation worse. 

While allergy testing is often quick and straightforward, this wasn’t the case for people whose irritation was caused by the everyday skincare products they used. I saw patients fighting to navigate confusing ingredient labels, experimenting with multiple brands, and cobbling together unorthodox routines with the hope of something finally working - - and always coming up short. 

When my patients asked me why no single brand was free of skin allergens and irritants, I had no answer. So I created Untoxicated: science-backed skincare without the common irritants and allergens that wreak havoc on your skin.

Martin Smith MD -- Double Board Certified Allergist & Immunologist

Despite leading some of the world’s largest beauty & wellness brands, it wasn’t until I began to develop my own skin sensitivity issues (in my mid-30s!) that I began to wake up to the magnitude of the problem today:  

How many of us have sensitive skin, how loosely regulated the market really is - and how even gold standard, “dermatologist recommended” leaders often contain several ingredients proven to exacerbate skin irritation and sensitivity. From flaking and itching to burning, redness and rashes.  (Seemingly) out of nowhere, I had begun to experience them all.

In seeking better alternatives for my skin, I kept coming across brand after overly clinical brand. Tropes of white haired MDs in lab coats providing paternalistic guidance. Not one product that I was genuinely excited to adopt into my daily routine.  Not one brand that offered me trust & efficacy without being at the expense of accessibility, relatability - and humanness.

So, I felt compelled to act. I partnered with Dr. Martin Smith to reimagine sensitive skincare - and to set the new bar for what a clinical brand can represent in 2023 & beyond.

Annie Stansik -- Co-Founder, Untoxicated Skincare

Who We Are

It’s More Than Skin Deep.

PETA Bunny Certified: Our products are 100% vegan and animal-test free.

Leaping Bunny Certified: We are proudly cruelty free and will never work with any partner who tests on animals.  

Recyclable: Our bottles, once emptied and rinsed, can be placed in the recycling bin.

1% for Planet Certified: We donate at least 1% of our sales to non-profits focused on addressing the most pressing environmental & social issues of our time.

Our Ingredients

We keep: 

Only carefully-selected ingredients that have been medically tested + scientifically proven for sensitive skin. (Including our hero ingredients: ceramides, hyaluronic acid & glycerin!) 

We ban: 

1584 toxic skincare + cosmetic ingredients, including 128 of the most common contact allergens that have been identified in personal care products.

The result: 

Effective, non-irritating care that your skin will love -- and you can feel good about using.

To learn more about what ingredients we use, and what we ban, please visit our FAQ.

Sensitive Skin Saviors

Our no-BS guarantee

Try Untoxicated risk-free.  If your skin isn’t smitten within 30 days, send it back and we’ll refund you - - simple as that.

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