Award-winning care

for sensitive skin.

Free from the ingredients that trigger 99%+ of skin irritation & sensitivity

We are the first skincare formulated without the commonly-used toxins & allergens that trigger 99%+ of adverse skin reactions - and use only science-backed, hype-free ingredients that have been proven to calm and repair even the most troubled and sensitive skin.  

So, whether you’re prone to eczema, dermatitis, rashes, inflammation - or are simply seeking effective, non-irritating skincare - we’ve got you. 

MD Created & Clinically Tested

Hypoallergenic & Non-Comedogenic

pH Balanced & Non-Irritating

Vegan & Animal Test-Free

Worry-Free Skin Saviors

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“I have to confess…I was a CeraVe loyalist…but now that I’ve tried Untoxicated I can never go back…”

Paul S.

“My (uber) sensitive skin thanks you!”

MaryAnn M.

“I’m a longtime user of “derm-endorsed”, clinical brands and Untoxicated is by far the best of the bunch!”

Caitlin L.

“Looks good on my vanity, feels great on my skin!”

Anne S.

"Game changer, literally melts into your skin! Glowing!"

Cassey S.

"The facewash actually cleans your skin, without it feeling dry. Can't say the same for all 'gentle' cleansers."

Jason B.

"Love starting my day with the facewash, literally feels like a 'clean start'."

Edwin M.

"Great value for the amount of product and the quality of the ingredients."

Justine M.

"Hands down better than my usual drugstore brand!"

Emily H.

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Our no-BS guarantee.

Try Untoxicated risk-free. If your skin isn’t smitten within 30 days, send it back and we’ll refund you - simple as that.

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